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Whether you want wide open prairie, a buffalo ranch or a vineyard to make your own wine, if you're looking to buy land in South Dakota, let the Rapid City SD Real Estate team be your guide. The terrain is also friendly to llama, ostrich and even kangaroo! Typically this is beef country, though, and there’s plenty of it. From small acreages to large tracts of ranch and farm land, you won’t drive far without spotting cattle, buffalo, and of course, wheat fields. And, don’t be surprised by the fur trade industry as it’s the bread and butter of this tourism state. We hunt, trap and fish for a wide variety of wild life including deer, turkey, mountain lion, elk, antelope, grouse, geese, coyote and rainbow trout. Several wineries have popped up in recent years, with the discovery that this climate is perfect for grape growing. Come and check out all of the Forest Service land that is dedicated to keeping the wilderness thriving in its natural state, but also caters to hiking/walking/snowmobile trails. Diversity is the key and in South Dakota, we’ve figured out how to make everyone happy!

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